Condition Assessment

In many cases a structure life in excess of 50 years is the expectancy of most asset owners and in order to attain this lifespan, issues that arise with the structure need to be assessed and reported on by technical experts.

Duratec New Zealand’s civil and corrosion engineers can accurately diagnose a large variety of both steel and concrete structures in deteriorated conditions. Services include technical surveys, laboratory analysis of material samples and detailed reports explaining the type, extent and root cause of distress and options for remediation, including budgetary considerations.


Remedial Engineering

As soon as a structure is built it begins to deteriorate due to exposure of building materials to the in-service environmental conditions, but the rate varies according to a number of aspects including the severity of the exposure conditions, the quality of the structure design, the choice of building materials and the quality of construction.

Duratec New Zealand can conduct condition assessments on a wide range of structures. By providing reports that identify the root causes of deterioration, innovative fit-for-purpose solutions and realistic budget estimates for the cost of the remediation, we enable the best protection and remediation options to be selected by our clients.


Cathodic Protection Design

Cathodic protection (CP) systems are an electrical means of controlling corrosion in steel.

CP can be applied using sacrificial (galvanic) anodes, impressed current systems or a combination of both – hybrid CP. Choosing the right CP design will reduce the failures and leaks associated with corrosion and lower the associated costs. Duratec New Zealand can provide a complete CP design and specification service for your next project which takes into account the geometry and exposure conditions of the structure and the reinforcing steel content and spacings, to ensure the maximum service life of your asset.

ROV, UAV, & Robotic Engineering Inspection Services

Growing numbers of asset owners are using unmanned aerial vehicles such as drones for condition assessments as they provide significant improvements in safety and reduction in costs compared to traditional inspection methods.

Duratec New Zealand’s in-house drone pilots can carry out detailed visual inspections of concrete and steel structures to assess the general condition of the asset. once completed the client receives a fly by video and a detailed findings report inclusive of remediation options and realistic budget estimates to conduct the repairs.


Tank & Pipeline Integrity Services

The integrity of storage tanks and pipelines is central to the asset owner’s risk management and asset protection strategy.

Our team’s tank and pipeline integrity services include CP design, supervision, training and monitoring, online and offline NDT inspections, concrete, steel and coating condition surveys and durability planning and remedial specifications.

Non-Destructive Testing

NDT is used to ensure the quality of materials and joining processes during fabrication and installation, and in-service to ensure that materials continue to have the integrity necessary to ensure their functionality and safety.

Duratec New Zealand’s NDT Technicians are comprehensively trained and accredited by globally recognised authorising bodies as well as working in line with CBIP (Certification Board for Inspection Personal) and IANZ (International Accreditation New Zealand) standards.


Coating Inspection & Specifications

Coatings are one of the most extensively used methods for the protection of construction materials against degradation.

The performance of a coating system is directly linked to the quality of its application as well as its inherent material properties. Our engineers can provide independent coating inspection and specification services including coating condition surveys, specifications, quality control documentation and inspection services.

Preservation of Heritage Structures

The condition assessment of heritage buildings requires detailed materials testing techniques to establish the true extent of deterioration as there may be no records of the original materials used in construction.

We can conduct condition assessments and develop preservation strategies for heritage structures across New Zealand.


Durability Planning & Materials Selection

Many structures experience durability issues such as corrosion and water ingress, well within their assumed 50 year service life.

Our durability planning and careful materials selection provides long lasting cost benefits and optimal operational efficiency, to ensure that intended design life of the structure is achieved.

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