ROV, UAV, & Robotic Engineering Inspection Services

Growing numbers of asset owners are using unmanned aerial vehicles such as drones for condition assessments as they provide significant improvements in safety and reduction in costs compared to traditional inspection methods.

Duratec New Zealand’s in-house drone pilots can carry out detailed visual inspections of concrete and steel structures to assess the general condition of the asset. once completed the client receives a fly by video and a detailed findings report inclusive of remediation options and realistic budget estimates to conduct the repairs.

Non-Destructive Testing

NDT is used to ensure the quality of materials and joining processes during fabrication and installation, and in-service to ensure that materials continue to have the integrity necessary to ensure their functionality and safety.

Duratec New Zealand’s NDT Technicians are comprehensively trained and accredited by globally recognised authorising bodies as well as working in line with CBIP (Certification Board for Inspection Personal) and IANZ (International Accreditation New Zealand) standards.


Glazing Replacement & Repair

Glazing must be resistant to weather conditions and impact and offer thermal insulation, sound-proofing, security and protection from UV light, so it’s essential that it is correctly installed and maintained.

Duratec New Zealand can provide tailor-made inspection and maintenance plans for your building and services include tinting, sealant and gasket replacement, window installations and replacement. Maintenance includes application of glass treatments, pollution and stain cleaning and investigative inspections.

Signage Installation & Maintenance

Although we are moving more toward a world of digital advertising, bricks-and-mortar businesses still rely on physical signage to promote their brand.

A creative, attractive sign can help your business stand apart from the competition, but not if it’s in poor condition. Duratec New Zealand can provide design consultation, fabrication and construction of corporate sky signs. Installation methods include advanced rigging using cranes, winches and rope access. We can also design ‘smart signs’ to notify the owner of a fault and pinpoint its location, making maintenance cost effective. We are also able to program the sign to switch off to protect your brand until the fault is rectified.


Industrial Chimney

Asset owners are often faced with the challenges of obtaining a preliminary understanding of the integrity of their structures whilst remaining operational or minimising access costs, especially with large structures such as chimney stacks.

Our team can inspect and maintain industrial chimney stacks and provide access systems in a variety of forms including: rope access, swing stage, bespoke platform, Alimak and mast climber. We can inspect the stack either online or offline as part of a maintenance strategy or in response to a problem.

Technical Lifting & Rigging

This involves complex and often multiple lifting and rigging systems, often specially designed to meet the challenges of specific projects.

Duratec New Zealand can provide lifting and rigging systems for bespoke lifting scenarios, complex lift parameters, heavy lifting and lifting around complex geometrical and geographical features.


Height Safety Systems Design & Installation

A safe and effective fall protection system is pivotal in reducing injury and productivity.

We have a thorough knowledge of regulatory standards, correct installation and rapid assembly techniques, trained staff and regular height safety system maintenance programs. We can design, supply and install fall protection systems to the highest standard to meet the requirements of any site.

Mechanical Works

Mechanical testing and the replacement of unserviceable constituents ensures the mechanical characteristics and components of structures remain in good and safe working condition.

We can offer a wide range of mechanical services including load testing, welding, torquing and the replacement of worn components.


Facade Refurbishments

Major façade refurbishments need to be executed professionally with critical attention focussed on public safety and minimal disruption to the building tenants, so detailed planning and communication with all stakeholders is vital.

Duratec New Zealand can deliver major facade refurbishments including concrete repairs, corrosion mitigation, architectural and engineered coatings, aluminium repair, waterproofing and diagnostic surveying. We also understand the stringent processes of heritage listed restorations.

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